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  • Our main task for HiTeeth is to make everyone grin like a Cheshire cat to let everyone to be confident with HiTeeth’s healthy teeth whitening system.
  • What we are most concerned in this world is all surrounded by health, neglect the old one or the young one. Therefore, we shouldn’t ignore the importance for whitening our teeth. We believe that our products is the key of needs to all the peoples around the world in this modern era.
  • HiTeeth has all the license & regulations that it needed such as US FDA, China CFDA, Malaysia KKM and international SGS to ensure that our products are absolutely healthy and safety for everyone.
  • While we have created tens of thousands of smiles and laughter, it is just only the beginning for our journey. So, Join us! Let us grow together and provide the best and healthy teeth whitening tools to the whole community in Malaysia.

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HiTeeth 3 Major Systems

Assist HiTeeth Partners to achieve their goals at great speed


Training System


Operating System


Brand System

HiTeeth Teeth Whitening Project Consist features below:

A 7H Platinum Project

High Drainage

Medical expense related to looks beautification

High Profits

Simple operation controllable overall cost

High Conversion

Applicable to all
Large conversion chances

High Reputation

Obvious outcome
Good reputation

High Frequency

Once a week
Treatment type therapy

High Value

Optimize customer structure

High Turnover

Low decision-making threshold impulsive consumption

Authoritative Certification

Teeth whitening certification malaysia

HiTeeth Whitening Consultant Certificate

HiTeeth Joint Training Centre Certificate

Fashion Media Coverage

Authoritative media 《 Harper’s Bazaar》
2019 April’s Special Report

Material Support

KOL Testimony

Chun Zi Teeth Whitening Testimonial


HiTeeth Chief Experience Officer

“ Not even delicate makeup, can cover an imperfect yellow tooth, experience HiTeeth healthy teeth whitening should be put as priority matter.”


Once the stylist for Sophie Marceau, Maggie Cheung, Yang Ziqiong and many other artists




After single


After 1


After 3


After 4

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a fee to become HiTeeth Partner?

    No, there are no joining fees to be part of our network.

    Are there any member fees?

    We don’t charge any member fees.

    Who can apply to be a HiTeeth partner?

    We accept inquiries from all locally certified dentists and aesthetics. Dentists without a strong background in clear aligners are required to go through our training modules, which we provide to our partners at no additional cost.

    Do you have a main HiTeeth branch in Malaysia?

    HiTeeth only operates in partnership with local clinics & Aesthetics– we don’t have our own locations.

    I’m interested in joining. How do I become a partner?

    Just fill out the form below and our partner manager will be in touch with you soon!

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    Where does the HiTeeth partner network operate?

    HiTeeth is headquartered in US and our network in Asia – China, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.