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Who We Are?

HiTeeth Malaysia is the master franchise company for American HiTeeth healthy teeth whitening system into Malaysia. For the past few years, we have done a lot of researches and developments for oral health care products with technical consulting services. Thus, we have brought the First American HiTeeth healthy teeth whitening system to Malaysia. Our vision is to make everyone to make them rich not only by their inner self, but also outer appearance that we called it “Healthy Beauty”

What’s HiTeeth

HiTeeth healthy teeth whitening products are originated from the United States. It is a teeth whitening product that created by American HiTeeth Science and Technology Inc. with top-tier R&D team in the United States. The treatment process is comfortable, low-sensitive plus the whitening effect is significant.

HiTeeth's Vision

Healthy Beauty, New Fashion, Refined Experience

The American HiTeeth healthy teeth whitening system adopts the concept of “Healthy Beauty, New Fashion, Refined Experience” conveying the new concept of teeth whitening that adapted to the lifestyle of contemporary urbanites, and leading the new oral “healthy whitening” that comes with global cutting-edge teeth whitening SPA agitation. We believe that with their high-end technology and advanced management experience that American company had that keep us updating, we are able achieve greatness in this industry. According to the characteristics of the Malaysian health market that we had researched, our company are able to provides a variety of creative operation plans and professional and comprehensive technical support and services that opening up a promising and bright future for our partners .

HiTeeth teeth whitening

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Join Us

We believe you always wanted be a part of innovative things that help peoples to achieve greatness. Yes, Then We Are On The Same Side! So C’mon! We will always be happy to have someone like us to join as our team! Oops I forgot, yes, we provides all the training that are needed and hope to see you real soon!